About us

We are the De Jong family, adventurous, enterprising and emigrated since October 2022. Years ago we fell in love with Austria. It always felt like coming home when we went on holiday. Years of searching have finally brought us where we are now: Carinthia, Hermagor, Nampolach. An idyllic village where we found the peace and space to make our dream come true.

Arjen is a real Frisian and comes from Bolsward. Christine was born and raised in Papendrecht. We met each other while taking a ski training course in Austria. After that we quickly moved in together in Papendrecht. Arjen worked a lot in outdoor sports at the time. He completed his ALO diploma and started at secondary school as a sports teacher and later at MBO. Christine has worked in special education as a teacher for many years. In recent years in the Netherlands she has also worked as an internal supervisor. Our beautiful daughter Fleur was born in 2015 and a very sweet sister Maud was added in 2018.

We have had a passion for skiing for a long time. We have both completed different courses and Arjen has resumed teaching in the snow here. In the summer he works in outdoor sports again. Christine works at after-school care here in Austria.

Just before the corona period we bought an old camper. We stripped the inside and completely rebuilt it. And so the love for camper life was born.

That gave us the idea to start a small-scale camper place here in beautiful Nampolach. No sooner said than done. We love to see that other people can also enjoy this beautiful place.

We have also worked hard to (partly) renovate our house for apartment rental. So that in addition to camper guests, we can also receive guests in our apartments and offer them a wonderful holiday.
We are still far from where we want to be, but we are taking it step by step and enjoying the beautiful nature here as much as possible with our family.

Our emigration was followed by the television program Ik Vertrek and broadcast on March 5, 2024. Click here for the episode.


Haus Nampoalch

Will we see you next season?